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Skills: Computer Programming, Digital Designing

Dive into the world of video game programming and designing by creating characters that interact with one another.  Add sound effects and movie clips to create a dynamic animation the innovative programming language created for kids by MIT, Scratch.  With focus on advanced game elements, you can build simple multiple levels, integrate animated sequences and use variables to track the score. Post your animation online so that your friends, parents and the world can see it.

Level 1 (Grade 2nd-9th Intro or Stand Alone Class)

Students will use specialized children’s programming language to write their own animation sequences. Through step-by-step instructions, students will learn to use blocks of programming commands to explore and experiment as they create their own program scripts and animation sequences.

Level 2 (Grade 3rd+)

Students may build upon their previous video game design to create an all new animated sequence using more advanced programming and design skills.

Level 3 (Grade 5th)

Students will focus on advanced game elements, building multiple levels, integrating animated sequences and using variables to track score, high score, avatar lives and game speed. At the end of this course, games can be posted online for friends, parents and the world to see.

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