Kid-centric technology-based workshops, curriculum based classes, specialist nursery school technology sessions and hundreds of after school activities are delivered each week to thousands of children by Computer Explorers all over the world.

We offer a huge range of technology based workshops, classes, activities and clubs including programming and coding, 3D and 2D animation, music technology, robotics, engineering, web design and digital literacy.

Here are just a few examples of the courses designed to ensure that Primary school children sharpen their STEM skills and all children from nursery school and up develop a passion for technology that will prepare them for the future.

Programming and Coding for Primary Schools

Computer Explorers is the market leader in teaching programming and coding to primary school children.

Whether in school workshops, IT classes or after school activities Computer Explorers provide specialist classes in programming and coding for children.

You are never too young to start  – Computer Explorers work with children as young as 3 helping them to grasp the concepts that underpin all programming.

Video & Game Programming

Engaging primary school children in the world of programming and computing is the aim of Computer Explorers.

Students will design, program and present their own unique video games controlling the characters’ movement, sound and vision while learning about debugging, algorithms and parameters.

Nursery School Technology Classes

Computer Explorers technology and computer classes for nursery students are focused on enabling children to develop core skills while having an exciting experience with technology.  Our rolling program has been designed to provide the optimum balance of fun, learning, creativity and core technology skills while nurturing the children’s social skills in our small hands-on groups.

By understanding the latest technology trends and what children should be able to accomplish, we can deliver sessions that give children the best technology experience, a terrific head start and enormous fun.

We encourage ‘e-confidence’ in children in an age when computers and technology are essential life skills.

2D and 3D Animation

Computer Explorers offers a range of 2D and 3D animation workshops for children of all ages – including nursery students!

Let your creativity soar as you develop worlds filled with wonder, sounds and animation. Write stories and build animated sequences – if you can imagine it you can create it in Computer Explorers unique animation workshops for children

Robotics and Engineering

Build and program a robot!

Use the latest children friendly robotics technology to build and program amazing creatures which can move using motors, gears and wheels.

Our young roboteers will learn how to program sensors to make the robot react to its surroundings.  Program robot birds to chirp, crocodiles to snap and plane engines to rev!

These courses are great fun and excellent for nurturing skills in math, technology and engineering.

Web Design

Children design and build their own websites in our creative and high tech programs.

Create the perfect look and feel for the chosen topic; research and write the content to communicate; pack it full of the latest multi-media features.

Creativity and technology make for a powerful combination in this adaptable Computer Explorers classes.

Stop Motion Animation

Children learn all the skills made famous by Aardman in the Wallace and Gromit movies to make their own stop motion films.

Using models provided or producing their own clay animations children create amazing animated films.

Alternative and Renewable Energy Engineering Workshops

Energize your classroom with Computer Explorers innovative workshops.  Sustainability and alternative forms of energy are a key area for children of all ages.

Computer Explorers Renewable Energy Engineering Workshops are the perfect way to get children hands-on with a variety of sustainable, renewable and alternative forms of energy.

Our world’s energy needs have become vast an increasingly complex – you have the power to prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s innovation and challenges.

Film Making and TV Production

Would you like to be the newsreader, reporter or producer of a news, weather, sports or cookery program? Here’s a unique opportunity for children to learn how to produce their own television program.  Students devise the format, write the scripts, record video clips with the help of an auto-cue, and add special effects in our exciting classes.

Students will also learn post-production techniques to put finishing touches to the program prior to broadcast, such as additional video material, music, titles and credits.

Music Technology for Primary Schools

Whether it’s the first step in the School of Rock or a symphony for the school play anything’s possible with music technology.  These programs are perfect for inspiring, motivating and stretching pupils or encouraging children who would not normally engage with music activities.  Children use virtual instruments and incredible sound effects to create their personal sound track.

Our classes incorporate a great combination of creativity and technology to encourage personal expression.  Re-mix and master to become the ultimate music producer!

3D Modeling and CAD

Create, modify and share amazing 3D models!  In these sets of programs children will become virtual archaeologists, create their own 3D games and/or transform a three-dimensional virtual neighborhood before placing it into Google Earth!

We use 3D modeling and the student’s imagination to explore a range of concepts and ideas including simulations, sculpture and regeneration.

These are some of our unique programs that will get children learning real workforce skills all while they’re having fun!

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