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We use new and existing technology including web 2.0 tools in our curriculum, which meets and exceeds the National Educational Technology Standards. The applications taught are essential to promoting life skills and preparing students for future professions that will require efficient use of technology. “

-Elizabeth Marion
M.ED., Director of Curriculum and Program Development, Computer Explorers

Computer Explorers pioneered the introduction of programming classes for nursery students and primary schools. Our company’s programming and coding classes have inspired children to develop and broaden their computing skills through a wide range of technology lessons from 3D animation and modeling to web design – all with computational thinking, creativity and critical thinking at their core. We fully manage school’s IT classes and through them aim to introduce children to as wide a range of technology as possible, foster in them an enthusiasm for its benefits and develop technology skills that will stay with them for life – both at school and beyond.

In essence, we aim to prepare children for the future.

Who wins with Computer Explorers school programs?

  • Students
    Build a foundation of expertise in technology with tools to excel in school and in their future careers.
  • Teachers
    Gain a colleague who presents customized lessons in digital technology based on core curriculum.
  • Principals and Directors
    See students excel using technology to satisfy required educational objectives.

Education is the core. Technology is the tool. Real-world success is the outcome.
Students prepare for the future using Computer Explorers TechStars’ STEM programs. Our programs are project –based learning for children from Kindergarten through Eighth grade integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math along with Arts.

We work with schools in a variety of ways that can be tailored to the individual needs of the school and the children.

  • After school activities
  • Theme days and workshops
  • Gifted and talented sessions
  • Improve STEM skills
    (Science Technology Engineering & Maths)
  • Detailed lesson plans for all sessions
  • All staff trained and background checked
  • Huge range of specialized software, peripherals and curriculum
  • Curriculum/sessions consistent with your national curriculum guidelines
  • Written parent updates at the end of each session to engage parents in the child’s learning
  • ‘Certificates of Achievement’ presented to children at the end of each module
  • Technology sessions that are always fun, educational and engaging

Our students have such fun they don’t even realize just how much they are learning: programming, creativity, storytelling, collaboration, problem solving, animation, web design, coding, forensic science, logic, video game design, 3D, augmented reality – the list is endless!

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