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COMPUTER EXPLORERS provides STEAM based classes using technology to help children learn more effectively. We reinforce core academic skills while teaching advanced skills such as collaboration, creative thinking and problem solving through our proprietary Education through Technology curriculum developed by our in-house team of experts. Our curriculum is designed to be effective and filled with hands on fun activities.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS currently services:

  • Preschools
  • In school classes
  • In-house field trips
  • After school classes
  • Summer/Holiday camps

We provide all equipment, curriculum, technology tools and specially trained teachers.


Back Row (Left to Right)

  • Melanie Whittington 4 years with CE
  • Diana Barbee 10 years with CE
    • “I enjoy teaching Computer Explorers because it allows me to work with preschoolers, as well as, elementary students and see their excitement as they progress through our wonderful program.”
  • Christina Parker 2 years with CE
  • Melissa McNeal 5 years with CE, Office Manager
  • Suzanne Hollingshead 2 years with CE
    • “I enjoy working at Computer Explorers because it provides me the opportunity to teach children and help prepare them for their next steps in school.  I have three children who were all enrolled in Computer Explorers when they were in daycare.   They learned so much through this awesome program that I knew it would be a perfect fit for me!”  
  • Judy Blanchard 16 years with CE

Front Row (Left to Right)

  • April Kennedy 8 years with CE
    • I enjoy working at CE because what started out as a way to fill some lonely hours became the best part of my day. To see a child so small understand a concept so large is overwhelming. To say you taught  a 4 yr old the basic idea of programming is beyond any idea that I had when I began this job.”
  • Beth Sweargen 6 years with CE
    • “I enjoy teaching with CE because it allows me to continue teaching children after my retirement. Also, I believe strongly in the curriculum and the means by which we incorporate STEM skills. The staff is the best of the best! It isn’t work! It is both fun and rewarding!”
  • Christi McAlpin 2 year with CE
  • Amy Parkes 8 years with CE
  • Libby Barber 6 years with CE
    • “I enjoy teaching with CE because as a former school teacher, it allows me to continue doing what I love-working with children and seeing them learn and apply new skills.”
  • Helen Pinkerton 26 years, Director/Owner
    • After 26 years with CE, I continue to look forward to each workday. Our experienced staff of educators are top notch and completely dedicated to teaching our students. 
    • A parent recently told me that her son is so excited to attend our STREAM classes. He stated that “he lives each day for our classes.” What a incredible tribute to our program and staff.
  • Carol Spears 25 years with CE
  • Margaret Dowdle 8 years with CE (not pictured)
  • Karen Anderson started in 2019 with CE (not pictured)
  • Ashley Rogers started in 2019 with CE (not pictured)
  • Kathie Knoll started in 2019 with CE (not pictured)

We take Pride in the longevity of our experienced group of educators!

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