Getting children ready to succeed in a technology-centric world."

COMPUTER EXPLORERS provides project-based classes using technology to help children learn more effectively. We reinforce core academic skills while teaching advanced skills such as collaboration, creative thinking and problem solving through our proprietary Education through Technology curriculum developed by our in-house team of experts. Our curriculum is designed to be effective, fun and standards compliant.

We come to you with lots of options.

We come to your grammar school, pre-school, community center, bring our own equipment and specially trained teachers during the school day, after school and/or summer camp sessions.
We also offer, teacher training and licensing on our powerful Education through Technology curriculum.

COMPUTER EXPLORERS provides: technology tools, software, curriculum, technology-certified teachers and staff, continuous and up-to-date training, and real-life, hands-on education.

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We just wanted to update you on some of our current and upcoming programs. Students in our Techstars afterschool programs have been having a great time (while learning about technology and engineering). This past semester we ran our Junior Engineering program, where the students especially enjoyed building a mangonel and flipping Lego figures across the room! The students in the Video Game Animation and Once Upon a Comic Book (fairytale) classes produced some beautiful work that you can take a look at by clicking on "Blog" on the toolbar to the right. We've also just completed an Intro to Robotics class, using both actual and virtual robots. This upcoming semester, we're offering both the comic book and video game animation classes again.Our Tot classes are having a wonderful time learning about technology, while improving their academic skills. In addition to the many pieces of software that they are familiar with, they've also been enjoying such new pieces as Flobot, where they learn about programming a robot, Leo's Classroom, which requires that they use a stylus to draw, and Itza Bitza, where they can do such activities as make pictures or search for surprises in the mailbox. These classes are ongoing.To get more information about any of these programs and find out how to sign up, see the contact information above. Thank you for visiting with us!

  • STEM Integration
  • Tablets
  • Green Screen video
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  • App Development
  • Video Game Design
  • LEGO Engineering
  • Robotics
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  • STEM Integration
  • Web 2.0 Application
  • Productivity Tools
  • Homeschool Groups
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