Our TechStars programs provide the FUNdamentals for your child to reach their potential through the use of technology in education."

  • STEM Integration
  • Tablets
  • Green Screen video

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  • App Development
  • Video Game Design
  • LEGO Engineering
  • Robotics

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  • STEM Integration
  • Web 2.0 Application
  • Productivity Tools
  • Homeschool Groups

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After School


Pair Programming Benefits in the Classroom

Pair programming is exactly what it sounds like, we pair up students and they work together during our courses to program. With the wide range of classes we offer we have many students and we have found that having them pair up not only helps them understand programming on a higher level; it also helps with social skills and helps them prepare for real world working experiences. As adults we know that we have to work with many people and sometimes it can be a bit frustrating but learning how to work together at a young age helps as our students grow and venture out into life....
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Minecraft as a Learning Tool

MineCraft is a common household name these days. Kids are playing it at home and parents aren’t really aware of what it really is. I would like to take this time to explain to you how and why MineCraft is so much more than just a game. They say knowledge is power, well parents I am about to give you some MineCraft power!...
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More than Bricks, Learning Engineering

We use computers and the WeDo software that students can follow step by step building instructions and once done with the building comes their favorite part, the programming. Yes, you read that correctly, students at this level begin programming their builds to move. Not only does programming at this level begin, students start to really understand the concept of simple machines and the parts that make up simple machines.  
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