How We Help You


Computer Explorers work with peers, use their communication and planning skills, and interact to solve a problem. These three factors are what will make a difference in their futures.”

D’lana Neuse, Parent. Northeast Independent School District


TechStars® by Computer Explorers® programs strive to help by:

  • Providing STEM curriculum
  • Providing a Turnkey Program
    • Trained TechStars teacher
    • Laptops, peripherals, software
    • Developmentally and appropriate instruction for the objectives.
    • Sending updates to parents/guardians on children’s learning skills
  • Promoting technology as a tool for learning
  • Reinforcing academic readiness skills
  • Aligning with Common Core Standards
  • Following NETS standards
  • Providing complimentary technology assessments
  • Extending creative abilities through computer art, music and educational activities
  • Actively learning in a collaborative environment
  • Building self-confidence in a positive, social environment
  • Providing over 25 years of experience of integrating latest technology into the education process
  • Providing Professional Development
  • Supporting at home interaction through our application portal

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Who We Work With

Community Centers
Preschools/Child Care

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