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We use new and existing technology including web 2.0 tools in our curriculum, which meets and exceeds the National Educational Technology Standards. The applications taught are essential to promoting life skills and preparing students for future professions that will require efficient use of technology. “

-Elizabeth Marion, M.ED., Director of Curriculum and Program Development, Computer Explorers

Who wins with TechStars™ programs?

  • Students
    Build a foundation of expertise in technology with tools to excel in school and in their future careers.
  • Teachers
    Gain a colleague who presents customized lessons in digital technology based on core curriculum.
  • Principals and Directors
    See students excel using technology to satisfy required educational objectives.

Integrated Technology Resource Program

Technology changes at lightning speed, and Computer Explorers leads the charge in opening a digital world of possibility and opportunity for children.

Education is the core. Technology is the tool. Real-world success is the outcome.

Students prepare for the future using TechStars’ STEM programs. Computer Explorer’s project –based learning for children from Kindergarten through eighth grade integrates Science, Technology , Engineering, Math along with Arts. Integrating inquiry and creative expression promotes the creation of new industries, which secures our economic future.

The Integrated Technology Resource Program Features:

  • STEM Programs
  • Project-based curriculum
  • Web 2.0 tools
  • Qualified technology resource teachers
  • On-site instruction
  • Collaboration
  • Assessment Reports

TechStars™ programs by Computer Explorers offer success you can measure.

Timed testing of 500 Computer Explorers students taking classes in Microsoft Office showed an increase in test scores of up to 92 percent in one year.

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