Physical Computing with Microbit – NEW!

The microbit is a powerful mini-computer! Students will see their code come to life in a physical and tactile environment. They will create emoticon displays, games, messages, light and music.

What can YOU do with Microbit

Ages 8+ Classes

Ages 8+ TechStars Catalog 2016-2017 

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Create your OWN music! Become a ROCKING music producer

Create your own Video Game using SCRATCH

Create your own Comic book.

Minecraft EDU – Learn CODING with minecraft


Learn to create your own smartphone APP

Create your own Augmented Reality like Talking newspapers and share it.

Get Introduced to Python Programming used by NASA

Learn all about 3D printin, Design your own 3D image and go home with 3D printed object


Learn to use Google SketchUp 3D modeling software and build amazing 3D models: mansions and castles, race tracks, skate parks or space ships.

Learn advanced game elements like building multiple levels, integrating animated sequences into games.

Xbox Video Game

Navigate the Xbox 360 Gamepad and build your Coding skills as you CREATE enjoyable, fun, and challenging video games

Learn to design animation for a 3D interactive game, movie or story!


Augmented Reality With Aurasma – NEW!

Augmented Reality With Aurasma – NEW!


(Ages 8-12) Our exclusive new program introduces you to the ‘magic’ of Augmented Reality (AR). Working in pairs, you will bring the static world to life, creating content-rich interactive experiences in 3D and even 4D with the help of avatars, 3D models, animations and your own creativity. This powerful technology allows you to create and publish your own Augmented Reality content. Talking newspapers, holding a NASA spacecraft in your hand and bringing your lip syncing avatar to life will become your new augmented reality. After class, friends and family can download the free app and experience your interactive, engaging content come to life!

3D Design & Printing NEW!


(Ages 9-12) Working with a partner and using Autodesk 123D Design and its easy-to-learn interface, learn how to design simple 3D objects, successfully prepare them for a 3D printer, and observe the 3D print process. Make something from scratch: if you can imagine it, you can create it. The best part? Students will go home with one small 3D printed model and a copy of their 123D Design files ready to send out for printing!

3D Modeling with Google SketchUP NEW!

3D Modeling with Google SketchUP NEW!


(Ages 9+)
If you can dream it, you can build it in 3D!!! Learn to use Google SketchUp 3D modeling software and build amazing 3D models: mansions and castles, race tracks, skate parks or space ships. Or model your own house or town & put it into Google Earth for everyone to see! Get inside your model or animate it to give your family & friends a virtual tour on the last day of class!

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