Video Games Can Help Kids Too!!

Life Lessons

Parents often focus on the potential dangers and negative rumors about kids playing video games.  But the truth is, the right video games can teach kids powerful life lessons which they can apply in their school and social experiences.   According to Parents author, Cheryl Olson, Ps.D., “Video games can help parents choose appropriate leisure-time games, help educators seek ways to supplement classroom teaching, and help game developers create games that teach.”   According to a November 11, 2014 article in The Conversation, Video games have great educational potential in addition to their entertainment value. Games specifically designed to address a specific problem or teach a specific skill have been very successful, precisely because they are motivating, engaging, interactive, and provide rewards and reinforcement to improve.”  We see our kids absorbed in their video play, completely focused on achieving the path to win their game. This is a lesson in failing and not giving up on a goal; which can be applied throughout life’s obstacles.

Benefits of Learning How to Make and Code Video Games

Being comfortable around technology instills confidence and boosts creativity among children  There are many benefits to learning how to code and create video games. According to, Raise Smart Kids, the author summarizes 14 strong benefits kids inherit from learning to code: “1) Kids learn computational thinking, 2)Kids learn to use logic, 3)Kids learn problem solving, 4)Kids learn how things work, and create things that work, 5)Kids learn to anticipate and avoid problems, 6)Kids learn structural thinking, 7)Kids learn algorithmic thinking, 8)Kids learn perseverance, 9)Kids exercises creativity, and in a fun way, learn to create stuff that works, 10)Coding prepares kids for skills that are necessary in the future, 11)Coding shows math in action; it shows kids the practical application of math, and why it is so important, 12)Coding can make your child discover his lifelong passion, and can be helpful for him to decide his future career, 13)Those exceptionally creative and entrepreneurial coders can earn a lot of money, 14)Coding encourages kids to think outside of the box; it sends a message to kids that they can create anything from nothing if they want to work on it.“  Coding provides a foundation to kids that brings together academics, social and emotional strengths, thereby boosting creativity and confidence in kids!

COMPUTER EXPLORERS offers classes in various aspects of Video Gaming such as, Video Game Robotics, Minecraft, X Box Video Game Coding, 3D Game Coding, Game Making with Sploder, Video Game & Puzzle Design and more!  Contact us today to sign up for our classes!

Get a Head Start with STEM Programs!


There are numerous benefits to introducing Engineering to elementary school students.  Children are fascinated with building towers and bridges using objects like blocks and spindle toys.  Such activities require their curious minds to use math and science skills. Engineering concepts are being applied as they solve how to make their building project complete!



According to Engineering is Elementary, developed by the Museum of Boston, “Research suggests that engineering activities help build classroom equity. The engineering design process removes the stigma from failure; instead, failure is an important part of the problem-solving process and a positive way to learn.”  The idea is that there are multiple answers and solutions to solve a puzzle and build a tower or bridge.  There is no right answer. This leads to increased confidence in children and the belief that anything is possible if you keep trying!  The concept of learning from mistakes, and not giving up, are part of elementary school, and is instilled in the introduction of Engineering concepts to children.


Computer Explorers’ Engineering classes are designed as team based lessons.  This encourages kids to use collaborative efforts to get through their lessons.  Furthermore, students work on improving social skills, such as sharing, patience, and team-work.  These are fundamental skills intertwined with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math lessons all available through TechStars programs at Computer Explorers.  

Engineering classes are available for kids as young as 5 years old, with our Intro and Jr Fun-Gineering classes.  Additional Engineering classes for older kids offered include: Fun-Gineering, Circuits & More, and Physical Programming with Micro:Bits.  Computer Explorers also offers classes in Robotics, Coding & Programming, Digital Design & Arts, Digital Sciences and more! Contact us today to sign up for our COMPUTER EXPLORERS’ classes located throughout Northeast Chicagoland!!

Why we should introduce our youngest kids to Computer Science…

Before toddlers can even spell, or sing their A,B,C’s, they are fiddling with Mom and Dad’s cell phones, ipads, and computers.  Their genuine interest is there before they even understand what they are playing with. It is interesting and exciting to them because Mom and Dad have it…there are lights, colors and sounds coming from this item!

Early introduction to technology is a key component to a child’s education today!  The mind is curious to learn the meaning behind buttons, lights, and sounds. Kids right away learn that they can create a change by pressing a button, making a noise, or touching a screen.  Their curiosity motivates them to keep trying new configurations and inspires them to learn. This is their first introduction to Computer Science. As their curiosity grows, they play with more sophisticated “technological toys”.  

Educators have taken note of this and new Computer Science and STEM classes are available to kids as young as Preschool. Computer Explorers offers such programs to inspire these young minds.

According to author Nikki Navta, EdWeek Market Brief, “Kids who take computer science classes later in school have a tremendous advantage if they’re already comfortable with core programming concepts such as algorithms and debugging.”  The author notes that developing these skills in school helps instill confidence in their academics. Furthermore, children are better able to tackle the difficult challenges presented in school and throughout life.

Computer Explorers offers technology classes to children throughout Northeast Chicagoland.  Students are introduced to Coding and Programming, Robotics, Animation, Fungineering, Circuits, Minecraft and more!  Check out our website for class descriptions, and sign your kids up today!

Kids Learning to Code!

Imagine if your 12 year old son or daughter was so inventive and mindful of technology he or she created an App! According to NBC News author, Joe Fryer, that actually did happen when “12 Year Old Alexander Kroll created something called the Ability App, which is like Yelp for accessibility. When it’s finished, the free application will help people with disabilities navigate public spaces…”Our children have minds like sponges. Quite capable of learning and creating from their most fascinating ideas!!

By teaching coding to kids at early stages their abilities can surpass your imagination and especially theirs!! Computer Explorers offers many coding classes that expose students, as early as 5 years old, to the beginning steps of coding. Beginning Coding-Programming 1, introduces the class to the concepts of LOGO, an amazing programming language. Additionally, as a student’s experience increases, classes such as Coding with Python, Intermediate Coding-Coding with Scratch, 3D Coding and Programming with Alice 3.1, and even X-Box Video Game Coding are available to explore!

Computer Explorers introduces STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to kids in an after-school enrichment setting throughout Northeast Chicagoland. Why not sign up for a Coding class or any other one of our favorite offerings: Robotics, Animation, Programming, and Website Creation today. Your child’s creativity and capabilities will stun you!!

This Generation’s Friendly Robots!!


Robots are no longer just Science Fiction.  Today, robots may be seen in medicine, schools, corporations, auto-shops, factories, and even restaurants!  Robots don’t all look like Rosie the Robot Maid from the Jetsons. They come in many forms, and the amazing Engineering students and graduates help design, program, and build them!  How cool is it that kids can be exposed to Robotics in their early years? COMPUTER EXPLORERS offers many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs geared specifically to learning about robotics!  Classes such as Robotics Adventures, Edison Programmable Robot Lab, Rock’N Roll Robotics, Video Game Robotics, and more.  Exposing our children in their early years to STEM programs instills curiosity, confidence, and skills through the lessons learned in the classroom.


Robots are here to help our kids learn!  For example, therapy robots are beginning to be introduced into classrooms with kids with autism and other special needs. Robots can assist the child in learning appropriate social skills.  They are also utilized in elementary classrooms to assist with art and other subjects.

How about a robot making you dinner?  Who would believe that? “What do you get when you pair a bunch of MIT students with acclaimed French chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulid? You get a restaurant, Spyce, serving food cooked by robots..”, according to the Easter Boston, by Terrence B Doyle.  Robots are playing a part in our everyday life without us necessarily noticing. 

What about the workplace? Telepresence robots can let you navigate the workplace as if you were really there.  Actually, you are sitting at home in your kitchen, far, far, away! These robots are really just tablets on wheels.  They allow for mobile phone conferencing, where you can actually roam over to a peer’s office to chat!

In medicine, robots perform or assist with surgeries, are part of prosthetics for an amputated limb, and help diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases. Similarly, when you bring your car in for repair, robots are available to perform much of the job.  Technology has its place in all facets of our daily lives. Let’s recognize its role, and offer our kids access as early as possible by introducing them to Robotics classes at COMPUTER EXPLORERS/TechStars.

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