Summer Fun in Northeast Chicagoland

We can become nostalgic about summer vacation. If you think back on your own, this was a time of exploring and developing your independence. Times change but children do not.

TechStars camps help your children continue this tradition by introducing children to new things while having fun.

First and Second grade students learn Video Game and Puzzle Design. Students CREATE their own interactive Video games, puzzles & quizzes in this cool class! Working with a partner, customize the game’s “designs,” add challenges and levels of difficulty, then share them with the class . At the end of the program, games created are able to be downloaded to flash files (.swf) from our Cloud to challenge their family & friends!

This age group can also learn the basics of Minecraft. This class has them learning to work together in a virtual but protected world. They will interact with each other to accomplish goals, all under the supervision of the teacher with no outside players. This is a safe way for children to learn about virtual teams and Minecraft fun.

Older students can also learn more Minecraft skills in this protected realm. Redstone introduces electrical concepts, (the students believe they are just crafting). Modding is an introduction to coding, and how small changes can make a big difference.

Speaking of coding and programming. We offer a wealth of classes on the topic. Block-based options including Scratch are used to programming different robots depending on the class. If your child is more advanced or ready to take on more challenging platforms, we have classes that use Python and HTML.

If your child is more creative, be sure to check out our offerings that include video game design with Sploder!, Roblox or a special one where student program using an xBox controller! Storytelling is also explored through digital movie-making and claymation.

Check out our home page for links to your local community center to see what we are bringing to your neighborhood this summer!

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