Why does the Consumer Electronics Show Matter?

This week  the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be happening in Las Vegas. This Expo is held each year and is sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association, which touts itself as an organization “which provides the ultimate platform for technology leaders to connect, collaborate, and propel consumer technology forward.” The show itself will host more than 4500 vendors. It is the international arena “where  next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.” (https://www.ces.tech/About-CES.aspx )

One might wonder “What does a show about TVs and boomboxes have to do with STEM education?”

The answer is a lot actually.

Over the last 50 years, many of the things that are common place, or things that are now obsolete (Who didn’t love the VCR?) were first introduced to the marketplace. This year they will showcase more items in the realms 3D Printing, Accessibility, Advertising, Marketing, Content and Entertainment, AR/VR and Gaming, and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics just to name a few.

These items are the products that our student will be using in the near future, as well as the items that hopefully they will use their own imaginations, innovation and skills to improve upon or make obsolete as they enter the workforce.

The innovations introduced by the vendors, and speakers at CES will help determine what skills and innovations we should be introducing to our students in the classroom to help them become part of moving the world into the future whether they are interested in gaming, robotics, medicine, space, sports, or agriculture. CES is the space where the cutting edge technologies of each of these areas will be presented, as well as areas that we may not have not imagined yet!

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