Why we should introduce our youngest kids to Computer Science…

Before toddlers can even spell, or sing their A,B,C’s, they are fiddling with Mom and Dad’s cell phones, ipads, and computers.  Their genuine interest is there before they even understand what they are playing with. It is interesting and exciting to them because Mom and Dad have it…there are lights, colors and sounds coming from this item!

Early introduction to technology is a key component to a child’s education today!  The mind is curious to learn the meaning behind buttons, lights, and sounds. Kids right away learn that they can create a change by pressing a button, making a noise, or touching a screen.  Their curiosity motivates them to keep trying new configurations and inspires them to learn. This is their first introduction to Computer Science. As their curiosity grows, they play with more sophisticated “technological toys”.  

Educators have taken note of this and new Computer Science and STEM classes are available to kids as young as Preschool. Computer Explorers offers such programs to inspire these young minds.

According to author Nikki Navta, EdWeek Market Brief, “Kids who take computer science classes later in school have a tremendous advantage if they’re already comfortable with core programming concepts such as algorithms and debugging.”  The author notes that developing these skills in school helps instill confidence in their academics. Furthermore, children are better able to tackle the difficult challenges presented in school and throughout life.

Computer Explorers offers technology classes to children throughout Northeast Chicagoland.  Students are introduced to Coding and Programming, Robotics, Animation, Fungineering, Circuits, Minecraft and more!  Check out our website for class descriptions, and sign your kids up today!

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