Kids Learning to Code!

Imagine if your 12 year old son or daughter was so inventive and mindful of technology he or she created an App! According to NBC News author, Joe Fryer, that actually did happen when “12 Year Old Alexander Kroll created something called the Ability App, which is like Yelp for accessibility. When it’s finished, the free application will help people with disabilities navigate public spaces…”Our children have minds like sponges. Quite capable of learning and creating from their most fascinating ideas!!

By teaching coding to kids at early stages their abilities can surpass your imagination and especially theirs!! Computer Explorers offers many coding classes that expose students, as early as 5 years old, to the beginning steps of coding. Beginning Coding-Programming 1, introduces the class to the concepts of LOGO, an amazing programming language. Additionally, as a student’s experience increases, classes such as Coding with Python, Intermediate Coding-Coding with Scratch, 3D Coding and Programming with Alice 3.1, and even X-Box Video Game Coding are available to explore!

Computer Explorers introduces STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to kids in an after-school enrichment setting throughout Northeast Chicagoland. Why not sign up for a Coding class or any other one of our favorite offerings: Robotics, Animation, Programming, and Website Creation today. Your child’s creativity and capabilities will stun you!!

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