This Generation’s Friendly Robots!!


Robots are no longer just Science Fiction.  Today, robots may be seen in medicine, schools, corporations, auto-shops, factories, and even restaurants!  Robots don’t all look like Rosie the Robot Maid from the Jetsons. They come in many forms, and the amazing Engineering students and graduates help design, program, and build them!  How cool is it that kids can be exposed to Robotics in their early years? COMPUTER EXPLORERS offers many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs geared specifically to learning about robotics!  Classes such as Robotics Adventures, Edison Programmable Robot Lab, Rock’N Roll Robotics, Video Game Robotics, and more.  Exposing our children in their early years to STEM programs instills curiosity, confidence, and skills through the lessons learned in the classroom.


Robots are here to help our kids learn!  For example, therapy robots are beginning to be introduced into classrooms with kids with autism and other special needs. Robots can assist the child in learning appropriate social skills.  They are also utilized in elementary classrooms to assist with art and other subjects.

How about a robot making you dinner?  Who would believe that? “What do you get when you pair a bunch of MIT students with acclaimed French chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulid? You get a restaurant, Spyce, serving food cooked by robots..”, according to the Easter Boston, by Terrence B Doyle.  Robots are playing a part in our everyday life without us necessarily noticing. 

What about the workplace? Telepresence robots can let you navigate the workplace as if you were really there.  Actually, you are sitting at home in your kitchen, far, far, away! These robots are really just tablets on wheels.  They allow for mobile phone conferencing, where you can actually roam over to a peer’s office to chat!

In medicine, robots perform or assist with surgeries, are part of prosthetics for an amputated limb, and help diagnose and treat illnesses and diseases. Similarly, when you bring your car in for repair, robots are available to perform much of the job.  Technology has its place in all facets of our daily lives. Let’s recognize its role, and offer our kids access as early as possible by introducing them to Robotics classes at COMPUTER EXPLORERS/TechStars.

Keep Kids Busy, Make it a Summer of SCIENCE and FUN!!!


Computer Explorers is a unique program dedicated to enhancing the technology skills of our children in an exciting and challenging way. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) classes such as Fun-gineering and Wedo Robotics, Video Game Animation with Scratch, Digital Animator Studio, Robotics Adventures and Coding, and more… are a small sample of the high quality classes only available at Computer Explorers. Parents have a wide range of options when choosing a summer program for their child. Computer Explorers’ classes are available throughout NE Chicagoland at an affordable rate compared to other summer programs.


One day, we will be parents to Aerospace Engineers paving the future for outer-space travel and research, or Biomedical Engineers creating the most delicate of robotic surgeries. Careers such as software developers, civil engineers, mathematicians, and statisticians illustrate the various science, technology, and math field career opportunities today. These bright, young minds have endless possibilities. There is huge demand for more STEM graduates, these graduates with STEM degrees are likely to find high-paying, long-term, rewarding careers. There is amazing potential for careers in STEM.

Tech Stars Camps are a fantastic way to introduce your child to FUN ways of exploring science and technology. Take advantage of Computer Explorers’ programs and sign up today! Let’s make it a Summer of Science!!

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