We-Do Robotics and why its a great idea to sign your child up for more than one session of our classes!

This last week I presented in a webinar on our we-do robotics class and why I feel the class is still so important. After much debate and with Spring sessions still having openings and Summer sessions creeping up on us, I thought that I’d share some of my ideas and thoughts from the presentation with you. I feel like so many of us lose interest because we feel like there is a limit to what our robotics classes have to offer, but I am here to tell you today that the possibilities are endless.

There is so much more to our robotics classes, and the majority of our other classes if I am being completely honest, than creating the designs and learning only the materials that are intended for the class. There are after class activities that students can do, these activities reiterate what we did in class and show the parents what we learned. There is so much learning potential for our students in this class, and the fact we start out young is definitely an advantage for your child.

I know, just like with other classes some parents hesitate to re-sign their child up for a class they have taken, and its understandable but when you do this you are giving your child more and more experience. I can also assure you that although they may have taken the class before, they will most definitely learn something new, something they did not learn in the last session. Returning students are on a higher scaffolding stage as well as more socially developed. Social skills are key to success in our classes because we pair our students up and get them comfortable working with others and they learn how to problem solve together. Sessions fly by and by the time we realize it, it is over and there are topics and areas we haven’t been able to even touch on.

As a parent I encourage you to look for programs run by educators that are consistent. Consistency doesn’t always have to mean that the same teacher will be returning returning, consistency is also good educators sharing the experiences they had with the class and students so the teacher going can and will teach their very best they can. Most of our classes are set up in a way that if you sign your child up more than once, they will still learn new skills and be taught new knowledge. One of the most successful ways we at Computer Explorers do this is through variations of curriculum, whether it be for the whole class or for an individual child. We do this because we know that students do like our classes and chances are they will want to re-sign up for a class, so to re-assure you, the parent, that they are learning new ideas each and every time they walk into class, we as teachers are always coming up with fun and new ideas to bring with us into class each session.  So please come join us for our Spring and Summer sessions because we have some NEW and EXCITING classes starting. You asked, well your child asked, and we listened:)

Stay tuned because in our next blog I will be going into what our new classes are and what our students and teachers think of them. So until next time, Happy Blogging!!!!

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