Winter Break

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If you are at home, like myself, you might be wondering what educational activities your child can do over the two week winter break. We have just finished up our one week Thanksgiving break and I know that was tough, well at least for my son! If you have your child/children enrolled in one of our amazing programs we try to always have extension activities. Whether these activities are “assignments” that go directly with the class in which your child is enrolled, or downloadable programs that are very similar to what they are learning in class, there is always more that can be done at home. In fact most teachers encourage it because with all the excitement over the winter break we do not want to be forgotten:) I Would love to hear from you, if you’d like follow up activities or just have questions or concerns you can contact me at, please just include the class your child is taking and the teacher they have. Thank you and until next time, take care:)

Our new and updated Blogs!

Hi and welcome to our blog!!!!!!!!

I’d first like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and then being interested to look at our blog. I would like to introduce the person behind the blog, me! I am Ms. Danae Hernandez, or as my students like to call me Ms.H. I am a Technology Instructor and Social Media manager for Computer Explorers, or some may know us as TechStars, of Northeast Chicago land. I have been with the company for almost 3 years now and I absolutely LOVE what I do. I must say that teaching technology and STEM courses weren’t exactly what I had in mind as I was going through school to obtain my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education. Ever since I was a little girl I had this dream vision that one day I would have a classroom of my very own. Luckily, my boss and I came across each other and upon our meeting and my interview I had this feeling that she would be an amazing person to work for and when she started to describe what being a Technology Instructor entailed, I knew I had to at least give it a shot. I knew this because I love teaching and I love technology! What didn’t cross my mind at that specific time is how much new knowledge and skill sets I would obtain while following this particular career path.


I too, have a son in Kindergarten and I always teach with him in mind. You may be asking yourself “what does she mean by that?” well, I will explain. Teaching is more than just following a curriculum and giving students their tasks for the day. To be a great teacher and one that stands out from all others takes patience, honesty, mutual respect, kindness, and a genuine caring heart for each student. I believe that every teacher should have these qualities but sadly not all do. When you have a teacher who does not possess these certain qualities the students can tell and from experience and going through college for my degree I can say that students are more likely to be more successful with a teacher who truly and genuinely cares for them vs. a teacher who is simply there to do their job for the day and go home.


The skills I have acquired while working with Computer Explorers comes with the many different classes we have to offer. We have classes for children starting as young as pre-school and these aren’t just your ordinary every day classes, these are fun, educational, STEM classes. We incorporate iPads, laptops, duplo Lego® kits, and a robot that students can use buttons to program. When students take our classes they leave with new skills after every class. We use Lego® kits for our younger students who may be just starting out and we use these kits to teach our students about the very basics of engineering. Once they get the hang of that we have our WeDo class which incorporates coding and programming into Lego® building also allowing students to use laptops. This is among one of our most popular classes because students are amazed at what they can program legos® to do and they are having FUN while doing so.


Another favorite and one of our most requested classes is MineCraft, of course! We now offer MineCraft at three different levels so that students as young as first grade can learn how to maneuver through our educational version of every student’s favorite computer game. We have an educational version that was created specifically for our company so even if your child has played before at home, they will have a new experience in our classes, and it will be educational and fun! The three different levels are MineCraft for beginners, MineCraft: A Networked Adventure, and MineCraft coding and programming. The first is for beginners at any age or even those who want to learn more, the second is for those who have experience with MineCraft and know how to mine and build as we have weekly goals to achieve, and last but not least is our MineCraft coding which is for experienced Minecrafters. The coding course uses a turtle mod which the students will have to program and code their turtle to do the work for them, such as building a bridge, breaking through a brick wall, mining, building a home, etc. This class really opens the door to a whole new experience of MineCraft that students may not have been able to do otherwise.


We at Computer Explorers look forward to seeing new and returning faces as each new session approaches. We are always learning new and fun ways to teach the classes we offer and we are always finding new classes to add them to what we offer. We don’t just offer a class; we offer a fun and educational hands on learning experience to all of our students. We serve the Northeast Chicago area suburbs so we get to know the schools and the students and I can confidently say that we have A LOT of returning students, even if it’s for the same class, because they love it so much. I have only touched on some of the classes we offer because it can seem overwhelming but if you look on our web page you can see the classes we are currently running and get a class description or check with your childs school or local park district. You can also follow us on FaceBook at Computer Explorers of Northeastern Chicagoland. Please revisit our blog as I will be adding new information twice a month as well as photos and videos of our AMAZING classes. Until then Happy BloggingJ and please feel free to reach me at for any questions or concerns you may have.

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