S.T.E.M. CAMP: Engineering, Robotics and Coding


Young Engineers and Programmers will work with partners to use LEGO-based systems to learn & build simple machines and also Robots which they will then program to follow their commands. They will explore object-based coding software to create games, solve challenges and learn about algorithms and “debugging”–GET Coding!

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STEM-Lab Explorers for Pre-Schoolers



Does your pre-schooler LOVE technology?  Want to let them explore their inner Techie while fostering hands-on creativity & problem solving in a team-based environment?  Working in pairs or teams, we’ll explore NEW & exciting S.T.E.M.–based (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) programs and in each semester’s program we’ll also explore Digital Arts!  At the end of the session, parents will be invited to our Technology Fair and any worked produced by the children will be loaded up to our Cloud to be shared with friends and family!

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GET CODING! (Grades 1-2)

Get Coding


Want to learn to code this summer?  Get a head start on your programming career with this great camp!  We’ll use software specially designed for young coders. Working with a partner, you’ll explore logic and algorithms, write your own computer program and even learn about “debugging.” You’ll also get to spend time in Free Code modes to solve challenges and create games, animated stories and anything else you can think of!

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Minecraft Coding (1)


The next level of our Minecraft program is here!  Are you tired of having to mine the “boring” stuff?  Did you know you can create and program Minecraft ROBOTS to do your mining for you?  Learn how to code using the Minecraft ComputerCraft Mod and put those robots to work.  Working with a partner you’ll start out programming with a graphical interface and then evolve to text-based coding as you learn to program with Lua.  Soon you’ll be able to focus on mining what YOU want!
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Minecraft Basic Training





Are your friends all into Minecraft but you haven’t quite figured it out?  This camp is for YOU!  You and your partner will collaborate to learn essential crafting skills while searching for clues to unlock doors, complete scavenger hunts and more!  You’ll get an introduction to the basics of computer networking, multidimensional objects and video game graphics.  After completing this boot camp, you’ll have the basic tools to participate in more advanced Minecraft adventures!
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