Give the gift of goal-setting: Part 2

By: Lisa Johnson Earlier this month, I  posted a blog on tools for adults to “support goal-setting and desired outcomes by providing avenues to produce visible, publicized goals that allow

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Give the gift of goal-setting: Part 1

By: Lisa Johnson Earlier this week I received two mini-lesson ideas (the Best and Worst for 2011 and 2012 New Year’s Resolutions) for the end of the year from Edmodo.

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Computer Explorers: Age-Appropriate Technology Gifts for Kids

Computer technology franchise promotes learning year-round, offers helpful gift advice The holiday break from school tempts kids to turn into couch potatoes until they have to go back. Computer Explorers,

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Technology Education 2012: a Magazine is an iPad that Doesn’t Work

By Cyndee Perkins Dying from dysentery as a pioneer on the westward march was a threat in real life, but only a stumbling block in Oregon Trail, one of the

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Pinterest: inspiring imagery for all

By: Lisa Johnson When I first came across Pinterest (web and mobile app), I thought… “Wow, this is just like… why do I need yet another site that stores interesting

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