Computer Explorers work with peers, use their communication and planning skills, and interact to solve a problem. These three factors are what will make a difference in their futures.”

D’lana Neuse
Parent, Northeast Independent School District


TechStars™ by Computer Explorers® 

strive to help by:


Project Based Learning:

Statistics show students learn better when they create a finished product to demonstrate what they have learned.


Studies show students learn more effectively when working with a partner or as part of a team. Today’s workforce is built on the concept of team problem-solving and productivity. We prepare students for their future employment and careers.

Uniquely Trained and Qualified Teachers:

Computer Explorers® teachers are specifically trained to teach technology while guiding students to problem solve their tasks. Our teachers use technology to enhance learning while using the Educational Technology Standards for Teachers as our guide for professional development. All our staff have passed strict background checks.

Latest Technology Education Tools:

Computer Explorers ® use newest and most cutting edge technology and tools to deliver courses that will build skills students need to succeed in their future.

Educator Designed Curriculum:

All Computer Explorers® curricula are written by a team of degreed educators with classroom experience and tested by field experts. The company was founded by American educators and is managed by American & British educators.

Meets & Exceeds USA and UK Educational Standards:

Our curriculum and lesson plans are designed to ensure that we not only meet educational standards but exceed them. We use the USA National Educational Technology Standards for Students as our guide for development of age and progressively appropriate courses.


Computer Explorers® has been in existence since 1984. Our courses are based on both educational research and nearly thirty years of hands-on experience in the classroom.

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