Turning People in to Pixels

Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D.
Editor, Children’s Technology Review

Coding and computer programming touches every part of our life these days, which is why it’s important to think broadly about the concept.

If you think about it, a pixel is a lot like a marching band member, and a football field like a screen. The actual “code” is now done by computers, using expensive, specialized software packages like Pyware (http://www.pyware.com) or Field Artist  ($160, at http://www.fieldartistcentral.com/).

For this month’s LittleClickers, I’d like us to think about programming people. Let’s start with this prime example, OK Go in Japan https://youtu.be/u1ZB_rGFyeU that uses drones and colored umbrellas to turn a parking lot into a screen.

And of course there’s the Ohio State Marching Band, who can make a dinosaur walk, or a pirate ship float.


So enjoy this month’s LittleClickers — it’s full of amazing facts about those halftime shows you’re about to see, with football games on the side. And be sure to point out to your kids that hours and hours of old fashioned programming went into every show.

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