Dear Computer Explorers —

OK you’ve heard about the new iPad Pro. You want one, right? Or how about a shiny new Oculus Rift? Next time a tempting new gadget released, don’t stand in line or jump the gun. Remember the rule of “ninety – fifty – ten.”  It means you can get 90% of the functionality of the new thing, for 50% of the price by waiting 10 months.  The rule applies to many technology products, from 3D printers to projectors to new iPads. Stated another way — when it comes to “hot” new tech products, a little patience and timing goes a long way.

For this month’s LittleClickers we look a Halloween technology — the way that modern scare-masters are using use lasers, social media, LEDs and computer driven robots to make things scarier. For example, you might want to know about ways you can use a standard projector to fill a window full of spiders, or a mirror and a light to create a ghost illusion— just like Disney.
Have a happy halloween!

Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D.
Editor, Children’s Technology Review

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