By Elizabeth Marion

Technology-fueled global change is a phenomenon that waits for no one.  Now more than any other time in history, educators have the ability to share content worldwide. Salman Khan of Khan Academy is doing just that. Education that was once relegated to one-room classrooms in brick and mortar schools is now shared through Khan’s visionary project, the Khan Academy.  Khan’s goal is to provide free, world-class education to a community of learners anywhere in the world. He is transforming the world.

The Khan Academy website covers a variety of materials from elementary to collegiate levels and across a variety of subjects, including math, computer science, biology, chemistry, and physics. There are over 3,400 videos and interactive quizzes on the site.

In his new book called The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagine, Khan imagines what education could be like through the integration of technology and learning. Khan’s approach to education is revolutionary. It creates a better forum to collaborate, provides support of “flipped classrooms”, and promotes continuous learning.

I had the privilege of being selected, along with several other Salman Khan  fans, to attend an on air live hangout from +Google Play and ask a question.  My question to him was:

“What are some identified technology-based activities that promote right-brain and left-brain development, as well as introduce STEM skills for preschoolers?”

See Khan’s response to that question and learn more about his prolific approach to education by watching his Google Hangout recorded yesterday.


Google Play presents: Salman Khan of Khan Academy





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