The school buses have taken flight as the fall sweeps in.  With the new semester underfoot, there are many worries that linger in the brains of parents.  The good news is, with technology literally at the fingertips of most parents, the worries are easily escaped.

We have created a list of parental woes and technology that can “turn the frown upside down.”

Scheduling/Missing appointments:  As busy-ness picks up within the family life, there is always the potential to miss an important event, meeting or appointment.  Several online calendar systems breathe simplicity into household management.

  •  Cozi is an easy to use app that allows the user to color coordinate events for each person who needs to attend.  It also allows for meal planning, shopping lists and to-do lists. 
  • Google Calendar: This is another fantastic calendar system that organizes different calendars into one master calendar.  Google calendar will sync with other calendar systems and is a great option if many devices are used among the family.

Keeping up with housework : A clean house provides a safe place for the family to relax, do homework, and be together.  When the cleaning gets behind, everything else feels chaotic.  Weekends are invaded with chores and mop buckets instead of providing a time of rejuvenation.

  • The FlyLady has been teaching women (and men) for years how to free themselves from the slavery of housework.  This website is a great tool for organization and gaining the self-motivation needed to maintain a happy home.

Missing your kids:  Many working parents with small children have a difficult time leaving their kids for a full day.  Numerous childcare centers are installing webcams to allow parents to log on and see what and how their child is doing.  This also allows peace of mind that the child is receiving the best possible care outside of the home.

  • This company provides services in 300-400 daycares across the country.
  •  This is another site that offers daycare cameras.  Ask your daycare to look into this amazing technology to allow you to connect with you little one!

Forgetting items/chores:  When schedules get busy, children’s minds can be overflowing from the excitement of the day.  There is no room left in their heads for chores or items that need to be packed for the upcoming day’s adventures.  

  • This kid-friendly website has printable checklists, chore charts, and reward certificates all with lovable characters!  The characters make responsibility fun and engaging for many ages!

Quick and Affordable Meals:  When the day is hectic, cooking can become an overbearing chore.  Finding deals at your favorite food stops can make dinner time fun again!

  • : This app, named after a childhood favorite pastime, allows you to sign up for daily deals at your favorite places.
  • : If your favorite dining spot is your own table, this app helps organize your shopping list, digital coupons and specials all from your phone.  Pushpins makes dinner become budget friendly and fun!

Technology is sharing the burden with parents of managing a day.  What are some of your favorite ways to use technology to ease stress around your home?

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