In November, and in light of recent world events, we think about being grateful. We will have a lot of discussions about it as we approach Thanksgiving. Zina on the wrote 5 steps for helping your child start a ‘gratitude journal’.

Zina recommends reading Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes. We would like to recommend The Blankful Heart: A children’s story about thankfulness in Dr. Seuss style rhyme by Mr. Mues. This eBook is $0.99 on Amazon, is available on kindle only (do you have the kindle app?) The book is a picture-free tale which is meant to be read aloud. The rhythmic words paint the picture for your imagination.

Simply saying ‘thank you’ is an easy step toward showing life-long gratefulness. Visit and translate the words ‘thank you’ into many languages. Click the speaker icon to hear how the words are pronounced, then practice saying ‘merci’, ‘gracias’ or ‘danke’ after someone hands you a piece of pie.

For more information on ‘Teaching Children to Be Grateful’ read the article of the same name by Charlotte Latvala on She covers how to address the issue based on child development milestones.

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