By Carol Hadley


“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

– Dr. Seuss


As we sadly say good-bye to a long time team member and mentor to others, we also remember the great things that happened because she existed in our world. Cyndee Perkins has been an integral part of Computer Explorers for over 20 years. As a franchisee she led the way to success in her territory and then became the Curriculum and Program Development Director for many years. I have heard such great stories about Cyndee, along with her husband Perk. They enjoy the moments in life that most of us don’t even realized have happened. They are off to enjoy retirement, and, of course they are doing it in a style in which most of us are envious.

It will be quite different around the office without Cyndee for several reasons:

  1. Her enthusiasm of life and of those around her. Her smile could light up the dreariest day.
  2. Her knowledge of the company and the curriculum is unmatched. Cyndee has a lot of passion for Computer Explorers and Education. She has passed the baton to her successor, Elizabeth Marion she told me she is very comfortable leaving with Elizabeth in charge.
  3. Her skill to incorporate Zumba dance moves in any conversation around the office made us all smile. I have to say she can still out move many of us.
  4. Her ability to make people comfortable and welcome was always noticed. She engages people quickly into conversations. That must be the educator in her.
  5. Her writing expertise was to us a blessing and a curse at times. She kept us in line on dangling participles, indefinite pronouns, and incorrect punctuation. It was mostly a blessing as we learned how to write more efficiently.

It is wonderful when people make a difference in the lives around them. I am glad that Cyndee was a part of my life even if it was for a short window of time. She will be missed in the office, but she is off loving life in a different manner. We look forward to reading about her adventures in her blog

Best of Luck, Cyndee and Perk!

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