By Lorri Wyndham

Based on the tweets listed below we know the adventures in learning for @CETeam at ISTE are still going strong!

They’ve learned interesting things and our beliefs were reinforced:

  • A blog post should be the start of a conversation; comment section is where the blog becomes alive! #
  • Select learning goals, THEN select Web 2.0 tools to meet them-sounds obvious, but often the process is reversed.
  • Class blogging-team teaching in California and Australia improved reading/writing/geography skills
  • Define your PLN and plan around it.
  • Great grants: innovate, coordinate resources, tie to local needs, buy-in. Effort and local resources.
  • Training at the “Place of Practice” is most effective PD. How about collaborative learning with students?

They’ve learned about things we never thought about:

  • Learning to steer a water buffalo is harder than learning AP algebra @YongZhaoUO talking about Life’s core standards

They’ve met interesting people:

And Lisa Johnson got to meet so Literary Heroes!

Lisa Johnson met The Cat in the Hat and Curious George



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