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Sadie McNutt is the  mommy of three year old Evalyn , 18 month old David and has a new one due to arrive in November.  She has been writing blogs and PR pieces for Computer Explores for several months and is looking forward to spotlighting others in the company.


5 Questions for a Mommy Blogger

1.What is your favorite childhood toy?

There are several toys that come to mind when I think back to being a kid.   I would have to say that my absolute favorite was a bunny I received on Easter morning when I was about nine.  Her name was (is) Daisy.  I slept with that rabbit every night until I was in college.  The poor thing had to have her face patched up several times because the fabric on her face was so worn.  I also had to sew her dress back together on multiple occasions.  Her dress was red with big yellow sunflowers on it.  She had an under shirt of sea green that matched her pants.  In college my mom sent me a box for Easter that contains another small stuffed bunny.  I somehow knew that it was time to retire Daisy.  Todd slept with me up until the day before I was married and he was on the flower girl’s basket in our wedding.  My children now carry him around the house.  Daisy is in storage.  I would be afraid for her safety if my children got ahold of her.


2.What childhood toy best represents your style of learning?

As I think hard about this, I have to say Teddy Ruxpin.  I learn best when I can read along as something is being read or taught.  I loved hearing my brother’s Teddy Ruxpin read as we followed along.


3.What do you think the future of education will look like?

This is a difficult question for me to answer as I am not directly involved in the education realm.  The only experience I can speak from is raising my own small children and speaking with my friends who have small children.  It seems that those who can are choosing to homeschool.  Reasons for choosing to homeschool differ as much as the families that are homeschooling do.  The taboo of schooling within the home appears to be vanishing.


4. What is your favorite thing about working with children?

I absolutely love that children are constantly learning and growing.  It is so fun to see the world through eyes that are so innocent and new.  It makes everything in life exciting and fun.


5.What is a dream you wish to accomplish in the next two years?

My biggest goal is to organize myself to effectively homeschool my children.  Aside from homeschooling and writing, I am really hoping to grow in photography.  First step in that dream: save up for a new camera!!

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