Students at Computer Explorers have fun, get ahead in science, technology, engineering and math education

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Depending upon your age, the word “robot” is often associated with fictional characters like Rosie the Maid from “The Jetsons,” Johnny 5 from Short Circuit or even with Pixar’s Wall-E.

A growing fascination among several generations, robots have evolved from an on-screen presence to a learning tool for students at Computer Explorers. Learning how to build and control robots challenges students to solve scientific, mathematical and engineering puzzles in order to bring their creations to life.

Students acquire the skills needed to succeed in our increasingly competitive world — and actually have fun doing it. And with the boost of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills, students are able to get ahead in areas where American education lags.

Here are a few of Computer Explorers robotics courses:

Let’s Do Robotics: With the LEGO™ WeDo Robotics System, young children can build and program their own robotic creations. Designed by the experts at MIT, this unique system teaches children about simple machines, engineering, programming and so much more.

My First Look at Robotics: Meet Roamer, a child-friendly robot just waiting to follow your child’s commands. Even our youngest students will be able to program this robot to dance, help tell stories and play music as they are introduced to robotics and programming in an entertaining way.

Rock & Roll Robotics: Using the LEGO™ WeDo Robotics System, your robots will include a monkey that plays a drum to a rock ‘n’ roll beat, a lion that roars, a bird that flaps its wings to create a big wind, a sleeping giant who will awaken on your command and a boat that will rock on the rough seas. This course builds knowledge of simple machines, engineering, programming, and teamwork.

Computer Explorers knows that the best way to teach STEM skills is to engage students in the hands-on process of creation — whether that creation is a robot or a film, a blog or a video game.

Students’ STEM skills aren’t just equations scribbled in a notebook — we help them take their creative visions and build them into reality. It’s the sort of experience that fires the imagination and makes students realize that becoming an engineer, a programmer or a mathematician isn’t something that’s boring or out-of-reach.

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