By Steve Hammerstein

Chairman and CEO of ICED, Parent Company of Computer Explorers


A long time ago in high school, I took a typing class during the summer. The typewriter was purely a mechanical contraption. The training I received allowed me to more quickly and accurately place my thoughts on paper. Without that teacher and the curriculum she followed, I would still be “hunting and pecking” today.


Now, we have the computer that can be a desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet or smart phone. With software it opens up new worlds for us to explore and for that matter to create. It offers limitless opportunities for expression and creativity. Unlike the typewriter that simply put words on paper, the computer is truly a tool for learning. With the right software and curriculum based instruction, you can even learn to program it to do your bidding.


The curriculum needed to teach the use of this tool and all the available educational software must support core curriculum standards and incorporate the latest technology. The sophistication of the instruction far exceeds what was required a long time ago in a typing class.


All children, including mine and now my grandchildren, need to take full advantage of this tool for learning. Although we don’t know the full scope of the future technology world, the computer is the way there. No child should be merely “hunting and pecking” on a computer along the way.


This is one of the reasons ICED acquired the Computer Explorers Franchise System over 10 years ago.   We focus on helping children learn and reach their full potential.

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