By: Lisa Johnson

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the Computer Explorers conference in Maryland (which happened to coincide with Privateer weekend… aka “Pirate Weekend”). I delivered a brief presentation about how iPads could be used in the classroom and shared a list of 10 of my favorite FREE product-based apps.


Computer Explorers Teacher of the Year, CEO, and Me!

One app in particular seemed to strike a chord. The app in question is Snapguide and it essentially allows you to create step-by-step guides for any topic. Most guides focus on DIY projects, crafts, and cooking, but I decided to use the app to create step-by-step technology tutorials for my teachers.



When you launch the app, you are prompted either to create an account or login with Twitter or Facebook. From there you can explore existing, popular,and featured guides, or create your own.

To create your own, choose a title for your “how to” guide, add a list of supplies, and begin adding your steps. Each step can include text, photo, or video with a brief text description below. Don’t worry about making sure your images or videos are in order when you import them; they can be rearranged later. You can also add in an additional step at any time.

Once a guide is complete, you can share the guide via your favorite social network or email it . The url of the guide takes you to a website where you can view and share the app on a device or a computer. At this time, you cannot create guides on the web (only through the app), but I am hoping that will be a feature added later.

As I mentioned before, the app is truly what you make out of it and therein lies the beauty, intrigue, and possibilities. Check out how this local teacher uses Snapguide to demonstrate how to write in cursive:



How will you use Snapguide with your students, your teachers, or your parents?


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