As a teacher, I have been taught and have had plenty of experience with the many different learning types all children have. Not every child learns the same way or at the same pace. There are visual learners, auditory learners, and my favorite kinesthetic learners. Kinesthetic learning is just another way of saying hands on learning.

Hands on learning is by far the most frequently used tools we use at Computer Explorers.  As a teacher I have found that when kids have something to put in their hands, not only have they been able to understand what they are being taught but they have so much fun doing so. All of our classes offer some type of hands on component and some offer more than one.

We are always adding more classes and while we do that we keep the hands on learning component in the back of our minds as we know the success rate with these types of classes is extremely high. Almost 90% of the classes we offer, use laptop computers and the students are definitely hands on with those classes and they are also learning visually. Hands on learning is great way for teachers, no matter what they are teaching, to reach a wide range of students at all different learning levels.

Needless to say, with Computer Explorers we have many different teaching styles but hands on is one that we use the most. With hands on they are also getting that visual learning as well as auditory instruction because as teachers we all do a great job at explaining, demonstrating, and then letting the kids get their hands on their task for the daily class.

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