By: Lisa Johnson

Earlier this month, I  posted a blog on tools for adults to “support goal-setting and desired outcomes by providing avenues to produce visible, publicized goals that allow for accountability and a support system to share your progress.”

While goal-setting is obviously a integral part of an adult’s life, teaching and modeling proper and appropriate goal-setting skills is also a formative and valuable part of successful character-building for children and students of all ages.

Here are a few ways students can set and achieve their goals (e.g. academic, personal, behavioral, or extracurricular) in 2012:

  • Create a Goal Behavior Chart with Goal for It citing specific behaviors that need improvement. (Also check out Printable Charts for Kidsfree but must login with Facebook or create an account.)

Behavior Goal Chart created with Goal for it (free account requires a login)

Tools like Scholastic provide a forum for your sharing your reading goals & progress

  • Create a Vision Board or Goal Road Map: take a picture of something that represents one or all of the goals that you would like to achieve (e.g. get an A in Math, Read 12 Chapter Books, Make the Volleyball or Cheerleading team, or Build a Community Garden) and then outline the steps needed to reach that goal. (Also Check out Goal-Reasons Graphic Organizer.)

My Personal Goal Road Map created with Popplet Lite App (also a web app)

  • Motivate with To Me By Me: Write reminders to yourself of things you would like to achieve or send yourself  little motivations (great for older children – or parents could compose the notes to send to their little ones).

Motivational Letter Created with To Me By Me app

  • Track your Progress using PicCal Lite: record a goal or mini-goal pictorially as you achieve them. Take a picture of a clean room at the end of the week, a picture of an A on a Math assignment, or a snapshot of each book or chapter that you read each day/week/month.

Track Your Progress Pictorially with PicCal Lite App


Inspired to help your students/children set their own goals for 2012, check out these resources:

Check out Part 1 of “Give the Gift of Goal-Setting” which highlighted tools and activities to support goal-setting for adults.


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