By: Lisa Johnson

Earlier this week I received two mini-lesson ideas (the Best and Worst for 2011 and 2012 New Year’s Resolutions) for the end of the year from Edmodo. Rapidly approaching 2012, I thought it would be a good idea to focus on tools that can support goal-setting and desired outcomes by providing avenues to produce visible, publicized goals that allow for accountability and a support system to share your progress.

Evernote (a.k.a. My New Best Friend): The program can run on your computer and mobile devices and syncs your notes. Due to the fact that I use this tool for both personal and professional todo lists, it is daily part of my routine to view my existing notes and add additional ones. I have chosen to use this tool as a place to house my personal and professional goals for 2012. Consider inserting images to represent your goals, organizing goals in a checklist format so they can be checked off as you complete them, and adding a sound file (which can be recorded within Evernote) as further explanation for each goal. (Pinterest and are also great tools to house images, sites, and resources that support or symbolize your goals.)


My 2012 Goals via Evernote)


PhoGo: Write down your goal, take a picture, and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. Also check out the Daily BHAG (Big Hairy And Audacious Goals) for more PhoGo-like examples. Helps you keep accountability and have a support system to hold you accountable. Consider changing your profile to pic to your PhoGo!


My 2012 PhoGo (filtered with BeFunky app)


43 Things: List your goals, set up a reminder for your list, share your list with friends and family (note the FB plugin), and get the support from people with similar goals.


My 2012 Goals via 43Things Send an email to your future self. Include all of your goals and motivations for those goals, set a delivery date, upload an image, and send to your future self. (Also check out the app To Me By Me which allows you to send letters to your future self as well).


My 2012 Goals via FutureMe


Inspired to set your own goals for 2012, check out these resources:

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Give the Gift of Goal-Setting” which will highlight tools and activities to support goal-setting with children.






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