By Sadie McNutt


In November Lorri Wyndham, the Operations Manager at Computer Explorers, attended the annual conference for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) in Atlanta, GA. Alongside her was franchisee Robin Scott of North Carolina. Wyndham and Scott joined 3,000 other educators to develop the tutelage offered to students worldwide.

NAEYC recently released a joint position statement concerning technology in education. As the world of education expands, it is embracing the use of technology into its folds. Computer Explorers sent representatives to gage the company’s practices within the industry standards. Many practices shared at the conference have been utilized at Computer Explorers for decades. Since the release of the joint position statement, it is hoped that more educators embrace new innovative ways of learning.

During the conference, Scott reported hearing, “mixed signals” from the attendees. She said, “There is research indicating the use of technology in the classroom is a benefit as well as research to the contrary.” For example, too much “screen time” has been seen as a negative by early childhood educators. Educators like Computer Explorers emphasize the benefits of technology in education, making “screen time” a positive.

Despite the contradictions, it is understood by most that technology and the digital world are integrated in many parts of daily living and learning. Wyndham stated, “Everything about education needs to be intentional, even the apps we choose to use with our children.”

NAEYC states, “When the integration of technology and interactive media in early childhood programs is built upon solid developmental foundations, and early childhood professionals are aware of both the challenges and the opportunities, educators are positioned to improve program quality by intentionally leveraging the potential of technology and media for the benefit of every child.”

With purposeful learning in mind, educators have the ability to enhance children’s learning experiences. Computer Explorers will continue to put best practices first in the education of young people. The use of technology, with the right intent, is proving to be one of those best practices.

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