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Next Monday the skies will be putting on a show in the form of a total solar eclipse. You will be able to see the eclipse in some form across the US. The map below from Accuweather shows how much sun obscuration you will be able to see in your area.

Eclipse Safari App

The app includes:

Countdown Timer: Count down to when the moon’s shadow makes landfall on the West coast of the United States – down to the second – with the Eclipse Countdown clock. During the eclipse, the countdown clock dynamically updates to reveal which state the shadow is in and how long it will take to reach your location. Eclipse News: Eclipse news and in-depth articles from, the leader in astronomy and space news.

Interactive Eclipse Map: Find the best location to observe the eclipse. Select a location on the map to retrieve accurate eclipse event times for any location on Earth.

Eclipse Simulator: Simulate the eclipse from your location or any location on the Earth. A time slider lets you manipulate time and simulate the eclipse from start to end.

Shadow Tracker: Enter Space View and watch the moon’s shadow travel across the face of the Earth.

Live Eclipse Updates: Breaking news on the eclipse from all over the internet.

Eclipse Viewing Guide: A comprehensive viewing and safety guide to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. We have you covered with everything you need to know in order to get the best eclipse experience.

Eclipse Live Stream: On eclipse day, watch a live stream of the eclipse as it happens.

Viewing the Eclipse

It is dangerous to look directly at the sun during an eclipse. There are ways to safely watch the event.
Reputable viewers can be found HERE.
Or you can use a pinhole projector. The NASA Eclipse websitehas insturctions on our to make them out of paper or with a 3D printer. The site also tells you how to used your hands or to even view the change in the shadows cast by trees.
Please check out this PAGE to famiilarize yourself with all safety precautions

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