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Robin's inspiration, Computer Explorers franchisee Hans Wagner.

Robin Rohrbach, a former Kindergarten teacher and veteran childcare center owner, loves introducing fun and engaging technology programs to the young students at her childcare center through Computer Explorers. For over 15 years Robin has offered programs that give young children confidence to explore technology and collaborative skills to succeed in the future. Here is her story:

CE: How did you come to incorporate Computer Explorers into your childcare center?
Robin: I met the owner of our local Computer Explorers, Hans Wagner, at an early childhood event booth over 15 years ago. I really liked the idea of the ComputerTots program, and more so the fact that instructors came into the center and brought the equipment with them. The instructors brought in Macintosh computers and introduced the children to up-to-date technology that we didn’t have.

CE: What is it like working with the Computer Explorers instructor?
RR: The instructor that comes to our school, Miss Cindy, keeps close communication with our staff and takes notice of what concepts they are working on with the children. She will tweak her program to complement our program which helps the children further understand what they are learning. But we aren’t the only ones who love Miss Cindy, the kids are so excited when she is here. Some of them recognize her car as she pulls into the parking lot and alert the others that, “Miss Cindy is here!”. We have offered the program for more than 15 years and have only had two teachers in all those years.

CE: How do Computer Explorers programs foster collaborative learning?
RR: Along with working on number concepts, spacial relations, numeric concepts and more, the children are learning to work together. They are learning how to cooperate – they have to wait their turn and learn how to take turns.

Miss Cindy is always praising and encouraging the children, so even if they are not making the correct choice the first time she fosters the confidence that helps them get it the next time around. She is always letting the kids try again, and the students cheer for one another. It’s a very positive, proactive experience.

CE: How has Computer Explorers benefited the children so far?
RR: The ComputerTots program has provided them access to much more software and technology than we could ever afford. And the children are not just playing games. They are learning how to use a computer – learning the elements of a computer and how it functions. My grandson has been introduced to these programs and at 2 1/2 years was able to navigate an iPad or iPhone.

CE: What is your educational and professional background?
RR: I have a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a concentration in early childhood. I was a Kindergarten teacher until I became owner and director at the childcare in 1987. This is my 25th year here!

CE:How important is it that youngsters get this type of training early?
RR: I think this type of training is crucial for young ones. As soon as they enter public schools, or “the big school” as we call it, there are computers everywhere and they are expected to know how to perform fundamental computer tasks. Computer Explorers gives them a concrete basis for the rest of their education, and that is what we are here for: to build a foundation.

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