Teaching Gratitude

In November, and in light of recent world events, we think about being grateful. We will have a lot of discussions about it as we approach Thanksgiving. Zina on the

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Sing Out Loud

According to PreschoolEducation.com, music and dancing are inside each child. “They (children) aren’t self-conscious about their ability and most are eager to let their voices roar! states The Program for

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The Rule of 90 – 50 – 10

Dear Computer Explorers — OK you’ve heard about the new iPad Pro. You want one, right? Or how about a shiny new Oculus Rift? Next time a tempting new gadget

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Appropriate Use of Technology with Preschoolers

Appropriate Use of Technology with Preschoolers Parents of preschoolers hear many conflicting reports about the use of technology with children ages 3 to 5. The National Association for the Education

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Turning People in to Pixels

Turning People in to Pixels Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D. Editor, Children’s Technology Review Coding and computer programming touches every part of our life these days, which is why it’s important to

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