Engineering – It’s more than just building with bricks.

One of our most popular classes for our younger students (6 years old and up) is our Robotics class. This class involves using WeDo kits that contain LEGO pieces in

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MineCraft is More Than Just a Game!

MineCraft is a common household name these days. Kids are playing it at home and parents aren’t really aware of what it really is. I would like to take this

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What is Pair Programming and why do we LOVE it?

Pair programming is exactly what it sounds like, we pair up students and they work together during our courses to program. With the wide range of classes we offer we

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Three Reasons Every Child Should Fly a Drone

Three Reasons Every Child Should Fly a Drone

Post by Warren Buckleitner, Ph.D., Editor, Children’s Technology Review Last month in Mediatech (our library-based tech center), I did something rather insane.  I created a free, public indoor drone flying station. The

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Holiday Gift Suggestions

Holiday shopping can be a chore. We spend a lot of time looking at what sorts of fun things are out there for children. We wanted to share some of

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