Appropriate Use of Technology with Preschoolers

Parents of preschoolers hear many conflicting reports about the use of technology with children ages 3 to 5. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) has published a position statement on the use of technology with students of this age.

The following is a list of suggested approaches to be used in preschool which you can also use at home.

  • Allow children to freely explore touch screens loaded with a wide variety of developmentally appropriate interactive media experiences that are well designed and enhance feelings of success. (Watch for our ‘App to Consider’ in the sidebar for this content.)


  • Provide opportunities for children to begin to explore and feel comfortable using “traditional” mouse and keyboard computers to use Websites or look up answers with a search engine. (Google with Grandma using!)


  • Explore digital storytelling with children. Co-create digital books with photos of the children’s play or work; attach digital audio files with the child as the narrator.(Try ‘Book Creator’ available on iTunes, GooglePlay and the Windows Store)


App To Consider

Loopimal – Apple App Store $2.99

Like Garage Band for toddlers, this app turns your iPad into a looping musical toy with six moving animals.

  • The possibilities of creations and compositions are endless.
  • With an intuitive fun gesture they can create sequences for different animals.
  • There is no goal, no wrong or right, it’s a safe kit for creation.

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