2017 Holiday Gift Suggestions

Ages 2+


Teddy Ruxpin!

$99.99 Teddy Ruxpin is back – smart, innovative, cuddly, and more magical than ever! Parents and grandparents will remember everyone’s favorite storytelling bear from the 1980s. After a long hibernation, Teddy Ruxpin is more ready than ever to share his love of reading and storytelling with a whole new generation of kids!

Ages 3+

Play-doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

$24.99 or Style Set $9.99 Open a Can of Imagination! Create a world of hands-on adventures and see Play-Doh creations come to life in ways never imagined before. With the included tools and the Play-Doh Touch app, kids can shape new virtual friends, explore different worlds, effects, and animations, and customize the creations again and again. Interactive adventures await! Available from many sellers on Amazon. Also Check out the Play-doh Touch app at the Apple App store and on Google Play

Ages 5+

Stickbots and Stickbot pets

$5 and up
Stikbots are pose-able sticky figures who will adhere to just about any surface. When used in conjunction with the free Stikbot Studios app kids will be able to easily create their own stop-motion movies.

Ages 5 and Up

Osmo Kits 

$99 to $189; Base unit is $29 with games ranging from $49 to $59

We recommended the Osmo Play system last year. We still like it this year, the great Osmo creators have added Hot Wheels TM MindRacers and Coding Jam to the multitude of Osmo activities. 

This year you can also choose a base for an iPad or an iPhone and the additional games separately.

Ages 6+

SpinTales Augmented Reality Textiles for a child’s room

Rug and Duvet $99.99 each

Duvet characters include Little Red and the Giant. An illustrated twin duvet set for a kid’s bedroom that comes to life with three interactive stories that you can read, touch and play: Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, Jack and The Beanstalk. Experience the characters and stories that you and your kids already know and love in a new way.

Rug Characters are Milo and Stickers. An illustrated rug for a kid’s bedroom or play area that brings you into the adventures of three jungle friends: Milo (a boy who lives in the jungle), Huggy (a bear who likes to sleep), Stickers (a gecko who wears glasses). Explore every part of the jungle – big and small, up and down

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