By Lorri Wyndham


We recently interviewed Ronald Holmes Ph.D , on Inside Computer Explorers.

Dr. Holmes is the author of Education Questions to be Answered, and Current Issues and Answers in Education, as well as the President and Publisher of The Holmes Education Post (THEP), an education focused internet newspaper.

At the end of the call Dr. Holmes shared some tips to assist high school juniors in achieving academic success. I have a high school junior at home and was extremely interested. However, since I cannot write as fast as Dr. Holmes can speak, he generously offered to send me the tips and let me share them with you.


10 Things Students Should Do Their Junior Year

  1. Complete requirements for High School Graduation Test.
  2. Search for schools that match interests via email and college visits.
  3. Complete college applications and essays according to application dates and maintain good records of application process with various colleges.
  4. Take rigorous courses (STEM, AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment) in line with college curriculum.
  5. Boost GPA Junior/Senior Year to the highest level possible.
  6. Complete SAT’s and ACT’s by the Spring.
  7. Take SAT subject portion and AP tests in June.
  8. Develop relationships with teachers and counselors for possible references for college application.
  9. Participate in college recruitment days at the local high school and in your community.
  10. Research college scholarships in line with interest and potential major.


I am taking the list home and sharing it with my daughter. She can take these steps into consideration as she prepares for SATs and Homecoming. Of course, she will probably want to add an 11th item to the list: Get a driver’s license.

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